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Buying Car Insurance for One Month

Sharing is caring, right? When it comes to cars, it is also a bit of a pain when it comes to accidents and insurance claims. Whenever you borrow a mate's car for a trip to the grocer's or for a ride out of town, you are driving on egg shells because his insurance only covers one beneficiary, i.e. himself. Luckily, insurance companies have tapped into this market as well. One of your best bets for all the times you lend or borrow a set of wheels is a month's worth of insurance policy.

How does car insurance for a month work?

A monthly insurance for any class of motor vehicle covers a driver other than the regular policy nominee for the designated time period. It normally offers coverage and compensation identical with the usual 12-month insurance of your company of choice. Some companies offer you the flexibility of picking any duration between one and 28 days in a month. This makes it a perfect offer for privately arranged car-sharing and other instances where an additional driver uses your car, or you borrow someone else's.

What are the benefits?

As we noted above, car sharing is becoming increasingly common, and with the convenience come certain risks for both the owner and the additional driver. A month of insurance is great to cover periods of active sharing. It makes sure any accidents and damages will be addressed and repaired swiftly. It also saves the additional drivers the hassle and expense of buying a full 12-month policy for a vehicle they only use occasionally. Additionally, claims on the monthly insurance do not affect the no-claim clause on a vehicle's regular policy - so both drivers benefit!

When is car insurance for a month a good idea?

Any prolonged period of car sharing warrants the purchase of additional insurance. It is very useful when you borrow a friend's car for a longer drive or you make many short trips within a few weeks. If you are currently learning to drive in a friend's car, this type of insurance is great for your practice period, too.

What drivers and vehicles qualify?

In the general case, drivers from 19 to 75 years of age may qualify for car insurance for a month. Some particular companies push the lower limit up to 21 in order to keep accidents due to inexperience and subsequent payouts low. Apart from that, it helps if you have a no-claim history and a UK or EU driving licence although provisional licences are also sometimes acceptable. A poor claim record and a history of driving convictions are usually deal breakers, though. The car, on the other hand, must have passed all law-mandated checkups and be in perfect working order.

What are the most common limitations and add-ons of the monthly car insurance?

Most temporary car insurance policies cover both private and business use - apart from reward and hire usage. Some companies restrict their insurance to use in the UK only, but most are open to the EU or even EEA, so you can plan that Euro-trip already. In some cases, Europe-wide coverage is an add-on which you need to purchase separately. Another such typical extra is  temporary breakdown cover - after all, who wants to break down in someone else's car??

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